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 Allright, took a little longer than I thought to reformat the entry for the Fire Red comic, but now that it's done, I can get to work archiving Sapphire.  All of the Sapphire comics will be stored HERE for easy access, and this particular entry will be updated when new parts come out, to A: have them all stored in one nice, convenient location, and B: Not flood my watcher's recent updates post with ten million posts.

Warning!  These image sizes are sort of huge!  Prepare yourself or risk serious scrolling-related injuries.

Sapphire under the cut!Collapse )

Allright, ladies and gents.  Comprehensive archive for the entirety of my Nuzlocke Fire Red comic.  For safekeeping, ease of access, and shameless self advertising via re-directing people here to find it.  What's not to love?

FIRE RED under the cut!Collapse )


Let me explain!

Posted on 2010.01.03 at 03:11
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So, the paper I draw the Journal Comics on is 5 inches tall and something like 17 inches wide, making it too long for our puny 9x12 home scanner.  So, what I'm gonna do is just draw all the journal comics that need to be made, and scan/screentone them all in one big batch.  Consider it a late holidays gift.
On another note: Demon's Souls is pretty wicked good, you guys.  The game's as hard as everyone says it is, but it's not an unfair kind of hard.  It's more of a "I'm just not quite good enough at this yet" hard, which can be overcome by learning from your previous mistakes rather than getting lucky.  And with that kind of hard, victory tastes so much sweeter.  Give it a look-see if you've got the time.



Posted on 2009.12.17 at 19:55
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Best $10 I ever spent.


Journal Comics, anyone?

Posted on 2009.12.12 at 04:17
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the album these are stored in is called BUTTASS.

Sup internet? This is a journal comic. There are likely to be more of them in the future, and they may or may not get their own page to get stored on! Let me know if there's any issues with it! Some people said the text is small, but that might just be on tweetpic, which they were viewing it on.



Posted on 2009.10.08 at 23:51
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AWW GEEZ, HERE WE GO AGAIN.  24 hour comic day, ROUND 2.  Comic's below the cut  Hope you enjoy it!
A NEW FOE APPROACHESCollapse )</div>

And there we have it!  Huge huge thanks to lecheporfavor and blitzdrachen and everyone else downstairs in the basement with us as we powered through these things!  I only got around 15 pages done in the actual 24 hours, but I liked what I was doing so much that I went through and finished it anyway.  Hope you enjoyed it!


My new favorite toy

Posted on 2009.10.07 at 02:42
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Duke Nukem and the Diary of Anne Frank.
The story should use a long lost sibling as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

That is all.


Video games are haaaaaardd

Posted on 2009.07.29 at 23:42
Current Mood: BEEEEES
My win percentage is 40 something.  Almost a positive record!

I picked up BlazBlue the other day, being the big fighting game fan that I am. A common sort of "fact of life" among most players who pick up a new game is that they're going to suck HORRENDOUSLY, and wind up getting better with time, or quitting altogether. I seemed to suck EXTRA hard at this one at first, but that may have something to do with the fact that I picked the character who is arguably the single most complicated one to learn how to use properly (something I still probably don't do). It got to the point where I made note cards with combos on them so I could memorize them and practice them for literally HOURS on end.

that 6C loop alone took two hours to master.

Anyway, I'm getting a little better at it, so it's only a matter of time before I'm smashing enemies left and right.  That, or I'll hit a wall of higher skilled players, and have to repeat the process all over again.  Either way, looking forward to it.


Goddamn Garchomps are everywhere.

Posted on 2009.05.31 at 17:30
So, I went to a Pokemon Tournament yesterday.  This is how it went.




Pretty much every single person there had a Garchomp.  And, to compensate, just about every person brought some bulky Ice Type to deal with it.  It's unfortunate that my team couldn't really deal with either of those two things.

derp derp

BUT OH WELL.  I guess there's always next time, or whatever.  A gigantic piece should be up soon (the reason Final Boss is like a month behind) and then more Final Boss.  SHOULD BE COOL I GUESS.

Lord Korone


Posted on 2009.04.30 at 23:08
Bonus points to the person who guesses what Korone's weapon miiight be a parody of.
After WAAAAY too long of this and that and those things, the 5th page is finally done!  YEEEAH!  Korone begins his weapons training!  Who knows what will happen!  Well, I know, but you don't!  Next page should be up Sunday or Monday.  Depending on how busy the weekend is.

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